SB - Licensed Massage Practitioner & Esthetician

Hello Medispa,

I think everyone should have the Cool Light machine. This machine is amazing once you understand how to use it and what the client skin needs. I have seen results in all skin conditions. I have had amazing results and earning with this machine. I only wish I had this machine back in 2007.

My clients love the experience and continue to buy packages.

Without this machine I was not able to keep clients coming back nor pay my rent. I have learnt over the years of owning my spa that you have to offer best and be better and better. This machine allows me to do so. With this machine , word gets out and people find you and need your services. I only wish i had this machine three years ago because so many more clients would have experienced it .

I believe if you are a new skincare specialist using this machine from the start will help you keep your client and you will work less and earn more. This is what this machine has done for me. I would like to thank Medispa for their training, answering all my questions, and for selling me this machine.

We are very happy with our machine!

JC- Esthetics Studio

Good morning,

It's been FANTASTIC having the cold light machine the last few months. AMAZING RESULTS and SATISFACTIONS from my clients!! Just Wish I had more time in the day to keep up the demand!!



JT- Spa Owner

I have been working with Medispa for 3 1/2 years now. I purchased the Abrastim and it is the core of my business. There's no smoke and mirror about what this machine says it can do - it really delivers! I use Dr. Belter products exclusively because they too have proven their worth.

When I bought the triple beam cold light I was able to save time on men's backs, but it has proven to be helpful in other treatments as well.

I use the Diamond Peel machine for specific clients for whom it works better than anything else. I have just received the Digilight and I see a great market in conjunction with our massage therapy for use with skiers and slow pitch players with muscle strains. I have enjoyed my relationship with Medispa and will continue to build my business using their wonderful solutions.

I would be happy to talk with prospective clients interested in learning more.

EM- Spa Owner

Good morning!

Thank you for putting a rush on the order for me. Things are going fantastic! Clients are loving the treatments. The only problem I have is my full clientele not being able to get in for their regular appointments. It's a transitional period of letting old services go, and doing new ones! This is what I wanted :)


BW- Esthetics Spa

Hi Medispa

You can certainly pass on my name and #'s to the client. I have had no problems with the machines I purchased and can certainly vouch for the efficacy of the treatments as well as the machines. I have had several of my clients purchase Cold Lights of their own and set up their own very successful businesses. The fact that I am contemplating a 3rd purchase should speak volumes!


JK- Wellness Clinic

Hi Medispa,

I'm touching base to tell you about my success with one of the worse cases of adult acne I've seen.

My client came for a consultation 6 weeks ago. Her concern was severe acne with several large blackheads, scarring and pitting over her entire face, two large hyper pigmented acne scars, and one very dark and large infected cyst beside her left ear.

My recommendation was in clinic Microdermabrasion and Cold Light Therapy and a home care program. Her home regimen is Dr. Belter Acne line (cleanser, toner, and cream), Acne ampules, Acne mask and Purifying mask. We started her first session by cleansing and toning her skin. Its noteworthy that she was wearing so much makeup it took 3 applications of cleanser and warm towels to remove all of the foundation and cover up makeup. The 50 grit sapphire Microdermabrasion tip was used, followed by an application of an acne ampule and cold light using all three light beams. The red and blue beams were used over her entire face and the green over the hyper pigmented areas. Because of its bacteria destroying properties, I kept the blue light on acne eruptions for several seconds. The client was very pleased with how her skin looked and felt after her first session.

When she arrived for her second treatment one week later she was very pleased with the results. The Dr Belter Enzyme peel and sapphire microdermabrasion were used on weeks 2 and 3, followed by applications of the acne ampule and cold light. Each week the client's skin continued to improve with fewer and fewer breakouts, reduced blackheads, smaller pores, and reduced the look of scarring.

She stated that although she had several Microdermabrasion treatments in the past and tried 'every product available', this is the best her skin has been since she can remember. She is delighted with the results and loves the Dr. Belter skin care products. At week 6 the client's skin continues to show overall improvement. She reported that she is so comfortable with how her skin now looks and feels that she is now able to go out with mascara and lipstick makeup!

JR- Day Spa

The Medispa trainers were super friendly, and welcoming. Eager to teach and show us lots of new tricks to make the perfect facials! The trainers were great listeners and made an amazing effort to show us anthing we were unsure of.

The Training was totally worth every minute. I absolutely loved the machines, and can't wait to get going with it all! I love how instant some of the results really are. Always such an improvement to the skin.

I would really like to thank the girls for coming all the way to us with great spirits, and showing us a great time with absolutely great products. Can't wait to use them more! Love it!

Thanks again ladies.

RR- Day Spa

I have been to a lot of training throughout the years. Medispa offered one of the best 3 days of training I have ever taken part it. All of my staff kept coming to me and commenting on how professional yet inviting the days were. The content was packed full of information and had tons of hands on.

Constant support and reassurance during hands on with the trainer was nothing short of amazing!

MA- Day Spa

Training on the Dr. Belter line and cold light machine was some of the best training I have received to date. Both Trainers made learning easy and enjoyable by using a lot of hands on demonstrations and by answering all questions brought to them. After training I felt very comfortable with the facials, product line, and the machine. I have fallen in love with the unique facials, and most importantly with the results!

DG-Treatment Client

I have been a client of Medi Spa for the past 5 years, I can honestly say that there is nothing quite like have the microderm /cold light treatments, how great your skin feels and looks, it is a very rejuvenating treatment. I believe that if you are looking for non surgical anti ageing this is it. The staff are very courteous and knowledgeable, procedures are adjusted to the needs of your skin be it pigmentation, acne, rosacea and of course anti ageing, it is absolutely incredible.

MG-Treatment Client

When I first started going to Medi spa, my skin was dull and prone to acne problems. Through the staff's knowledge and professionalism, my skin has never looked better - my skin glows and is problem free. I have friends comment on how good my skin looks, and can they get into the program too. Thank you Medi spa for making me look as good as I do.

BH-Treatment Client

Medi Spa provides an excellent service that is thorough and detailed. Their staff are friendly, personable, and very knowledgeable about skin types and what the best option is for each. I have experienced several visits and they are always consistent and satisfying.

JV-Spa Owner


Just thought I would share these pictures with you. This lady had 5 cold light eye sessions. We used the red pen under her eyes and the blue pen to do the upper eye lift. Her results are amazing. I now know how powerful cold light is and the amazing results that can be achieved. Thanks

AS-Dental Clinic


We purchased a MEDISPA Cold Light from MEDISPA earlier this past summer for our cosmetic dental facility. Our facility was designed to be modern and sophisticated and this spa service is a perfect fit! Facial Esthetics is a major component of our business. The dental industry is constantly changing with many of the most recent advances involving beauty and esthetics, such as Botox and facial fillers. MEDISPA not only provides an excellent training program on the Cold Light itself, but they offer full skincare training in a wonderful new skincare line called Dr. Belter. We are very pleased with the results we have seen with both the Microdermabrasion and the Photo-rejuvenation. Our clients have ranted and raved over the Dr. Belter skincare products. We would like to thank the entire MEDISPA team for introducing this wonderful new procedure to us! We would also like to give special thanks to Maryann Krezan and Alison Faye for their hard work and help with everything they have done for us! We know this excellent working relationship will continue for many many years! Thanks for everything!

CB-Esthetics Spa


I am writing about my experience with the cold light . I have been working with cold light for almost 5 years. I have clients who have been coming periodically for that entire time. I find that when I can show my client the changes that are possible they are astounded. I have been surprised and amazed by the changes I have seen in peoples skin and their self esteem. The age range of my clients stretches from 9 (acne) to 73 this product has something to offer everyone. We currently have 3 cold light machines and are changing from offering all types of esthetics to strictly cold light.

Once I could show clients what we can do, I believe the cold light sells itself. I work only part time 4 days per week myself. I have between 15 to 20 clients per week, totalling between 60 to 80 sessions per month. I have been consistently doing this number of treatments for at least 3 years.

LT-Spa Owner

I recently experienced a Poly Skin and Digi Light session. The body cleansing and release of tension was truly amazing. I could feel the warmth of the Digi Light and received a deep tissue massage but no hard pressure. Afterwards I couldn’t believe the release of tension in my shoulder blades and neck. It felt great to have more movement in my neck. I also had an opportunity to give a client a treatment and it was much easier than actually giving a deep tissue massage (which requires lot of energy). What I saw I would not have believed if I had not seen it with my own eyes, “The client was very swollen around the shoulder blades, and as I used the Digi Light, the only way I can describe what I saw is it was like watching a cake fall that came out of the oven to soon”. I am very excited about the benefits my clients will receive from this new technology.

Dr. SG-Naturpathic Clinic

“The cold light therapy is ideal for anyone who has just done a mesotherapy procedure. It dramatically reduces the severity and duration of common side effect experienced after a mesotherapy proceduresuch as edema, bruising and discomfort. Furthermore, the application of light therapy promotes the distributionof the mesotherapeutic agents and enhances lymphatic drainage, thereby enhancing removal of the by-products of fat metabolism. The Maviskin unit is an invaluable part of my practice and I would not perform any mesotherapy for fat or cellulite treatment without it.”

LD-Spa Owner

The Cold Light has been a wonderful addition to our Esthetic Treatments. We have broadened our anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, rosacea programs by adding a cold light protocol. In addition to the esthetic side of our programs the Cold Light is a remarkable assistant tool in hair removal. Overall the Cold Light has created multiple exposure to all aspects of our esthetic business.The Dr. Belter Thermo Guarana Peel-off Mask is fabulous addition to our Hartur Cellulite Treatment. It definitely finishes the procedure and gives results that are second to none. Our clients love the feel and especially the end result (no pun intended but we call this our miracle butt mask).

NG-Dr. Belter Client

Dr. Belter has produced the best skin care products I have ever used. When sailing, I use the Dr. Belter Sun Protection creams, and the After Sun creams. They truly protect and moisturize my skin in the harsh salt water environment. I am also a regular user of the Dr. Belter Man: Hand and Body lotions, during the rest of the year. These are all great products that feel good and treat my skin well. I highly recommend them.

Treatment Client



After 5 Sessions


About 3 years ago I saw my family Doctor about the blotchy redness on my cheeks, nose and chin area, which were also dry, and itchy. My Doctor prescribed a tetracycline antibiotic both orally and topically for my face. It helped, but I still had flare-ups. I believed that hot flashes during menopause certainly weren't helping and had perhaps even caused this aggravation. The tetracycline made me sensitive to sunlight and I had to wear protective clothing and a hat all summer long. My Doctor sent me to a Dermatologist and I began using Metro gel, later switching to Metro cream which was less 'drying'. I avoided the 'triggers' like hot showers, spicy food, red wine, etc. Then I tried IPL, intense pulse laser treatments which had been successful for other Rosacea patients. Sometimes it seemed better, but the most soothing part of the treatment was the icy cold gel applied before the lasering, and the moisturizing after. I was apprehensive about possible irreversible damage done while cauterizing the tiny capillaries just under the skins surface (although a lowered setting was used at first). This treatment was repeated every 4 weeks for 5 months, then I stopped as it was quite expensive. I started to use a little more face camouflage makeup as I went along this road.

Then, this past fall I consulted with Karen of Peachland Laser and we began a program of 6 treatments (2-3 weeks apart) using mild Microdermabrasion and cold laser. I was much more comfortable with the relaxing, cold, non-destructive nature of this treatment than the 'hotter' IPL. The soothing vitamin masks felt wonderful. It definitely reduced redness, blotchiness and pore size (even in High School I had large pores!). This has been effective for my itchy, burning Rosacea so I am using far less Metrocream and a bonus cosmetically is that my skin is rejuvenated and feels soft and moisturized, and even shows fewer wrinkles! Next week I will complete my 6th visit and I'm sure I will be looking forward to a follow up 'maintenance' visit now and then. Thank you Karen, for your expertise and kindness in helping me deal with my condition safely and painlessly.

WG-Treatment Client

I have suffered from severe acne almost my whole life. It started in my early teens and has persisted into my 30's. I have tried Accutane on three separate occasions, have had my blemishes injected with cortisone, tried every over the counter cream and face wash on the market. I was resigned to life imperfect skin until I tried microdermabrasion and cold light for the first time. It was amazing, I did not have a single blemish for over six weeks after. My skin was smooth, clear and glowing. I was receiving compliments on my face for the first time in my life and loving it. I am now committed to keeping up with my microdermabrasion and cold light sessions and am telling all my friends and family to give it a try.

DL-Laser Clinic Owner

I have been utilizing the many benefits of Cold Light technology for years, both as a client and as a skin care practitioner. Cold Light technology and its anti inflammatory benefits is the foundation of my business and pivotal to my success with addressing skin conditions and signs of aging. The technology in my opinion is one of the best kept secrets out there and the only side effects that my clients have reported is one...its addictive!

MC-Laser Party Client

I am an avid fan of Medispa equipment and the Dr Belter range of products and for good reason….After each treatment of microdermabrasion and laser therapy the improvement in skin texture, reduction in pore size, elimination of facial lines, elimination of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes is not only visible but comment worthy! Ever have someone look at you with that stare…. they are trying to figure out what has changed….maybe your hair…your make up…what is it? Almost each time after a treatment I get that kind of response….Being 40 something, I am aware of changes in my skin, having sun damage I work to ensure my skin stays as youthful as possible. With a big event coming up and the prospect of wearing a strapless dress my neck has become an area of particular attention. Within two treatments of microdermabrasion and laser therapy my neck looks 10 years younger... gone is the line, the skin tone is more even, plump and sporting a youthful glow. I recommend the treatments and products without hesitation to my colleagues and friends – all ages, skin types and skin tones. In all instances, their experience has been extremely positive.

This is one of several stories… In the latest ‘girl’ laser party with work colleagues, one of my work peers had a treatment…the effects of her treatment are still visible three weeks later with comments from others. The evening of her treatment she was socializing with friends, when someone in the group asked what she had done as she looked so different.

She didn’t tell the mixed group about the treatment earlier on in the day, a while later one woman burst out….”I know what’s different…you look so much younger!” Her skin tone was tighter, plumper and with a youthful glow. With only one treatment this group has decided to purchase their own microdermabrasion and laser machine because of the remarkable improvements to their skin. The effects of the microdermabrasion, laser therapy in harmony with the Dr Belter line of products work….I have seen evidence of this time and time again!

LT- Esthetics Spa

About one year ago I had a very debilitating fall that required surgery and then 3 1/2 months off
work, sitting for 2. I had alot of time on my hands. My esthetic business was busy but I was aware that
some clients were having or looking to have procedures done that I was unable to do. I used my time
wisely to start looking into Microdermabrasion machines, and then the cold light, knowing a bit about
Once I returned to work I knew I needed to invest more into my business. It took about 6 months to
get back on my feet before I could get my machines. I had originally only wanted the Diamond Peel
Machine but after attending a training session, seeing the results achieved with the Sapphire Abrasion and
Cold Light I felt that it was something that would help my clients with their needs, not only for anti-aging
but also hair reduction, just to mention a few options that the Abrastin System can do.
Maryann came to do a training session at which we needed models. I choose 11 clients who I thought
would love to the experience and may be on board to take the 6 treatment package special that I was going
to be offering. They were AMAZED at the immediate results!! 6 of the 11have since booked, 2 others are
committed to treatments once they return from holidays, and I have had 1referral. My client is so
impressed with her own treatments and Dr. Belter Skin Care, that when she told her friend she called me
to book her sessions and buy her skin care .. The product is flying off the shelf!! To date I have done
no advertising(a bit ashamed to say) it has been all word of mouth with existing clients. I am planning to
do some very soon. Since starting not even 2 months ago I have felt the need to invest in the large red
beam for hair reduction and have 2 people coming for these treatments.
I did alot of thinking about getting my machines, but very happy that I did. I am currently a one
person owner /operator, but that may need to change.
Great on going training, great Skin Care, great machines, great people. This is the next level that I had
always wanted to take my business. Thanks to everyone are Medispa for all the help and training, it has
been alot of fun.
Spa Owner/Operator


I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy (dysfunction of the cranial nerve) in March of 2004. Unfortunately, I was one of the 15% of sufferers that would never completely recover from Bells Palsy. Even today, I still have pain and paralysis on the left side of my mouth. Recently, I started going to see Audrey at MediSpa for some unrelated light treatments. I really enjoyed the sensations (vibrations felt like a massage) from the micro-dermabration process and from the cold gel light treatment. I could hardly wait to go back. It was like my bells palsy was craving the next visit. Knowing that the cold light was penetrating 10mm below the surface of my skin gave me the feeling that it was healing the nerves and loosening the stiffness on the left side of my face. Of course, I was still benefiting from an amazing facial effects of the micro-dermabrasion as my fine lines were being reduced from the cold light. I would highly recommend that anyone that has the misfortune of being diagnosed with Bells Palsy start light treatments as soon as possible!

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