All accounts must be APPROVED and then activated by a Medispa staff member. If you have an ACTIVE wholesale account click the "Sign In"  button.  After you login immediately REFRESH your page or reload the page. This website has to reload itself for pricing and a shopping cart to appear.

Do you have approval?  Our registration is 2 step, first you need to validate your email address and then Medispa must  approve / activate your account.  If your not approved submit a copy of your beauty certificate to and ask that we approve your account. Our website is reserved for beauty professionals only. 

If you are applying for a new account click the "Create Account" button. New accounts can take up to 48 hours to be approved by a Medispa staff member. New accounts are not immediate and need to be approval first. 

REFRESH your browser after login for a faster shopping experience.  Our website has to reload itself from a non pricing website to a shopping cart website which requires the REFRESH / RELOAD button.  Refreshing the pages you visit will allow pricing to show up during your session. 



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