Digilight Body Attachment

The Digilight Body attachment is a painless technology used to enhance a manual full body massage. The polychromatic 5 lights are less than 5mW conisting of red, bule and green light with yellow, orange, blue and purple called secondary light which is the result of mixing the 3 basic colors. The combination of aromatic hydrating body gel, light, and high frequency are applied to the skin during a session. The scent of the aromatic body gel helps the body feel relaxed.

Each Color of light corresponds to a wavelength

-The red 660nm light.

-The green 530nm light.

-The blue 450nm light.

The aromatic hydrating body gel, helps the body relax by scent and gives the body a feeling of sensory improvement.


High Frequency wavelengths

-The 4 gold prongs emit a positive signal, these are divided into a 1.85 MHZ emitter, 14 MHZ emitter, 32 MHZ emitter and 50MHZ emitter

-The 4 iridium prongs emit a negative signal which balances the gold prongs. The technology is used with an aromatic hydrating body gel.






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