Intensa AquaSilk Treatment Set

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Whether on the road, on a business trip, on vacation or simply in the sauna, »intensa®« 3 step – AquaSilk treatment set fits easily into any baggage.

PRODUCT - 3 step treatment set consisting of:

 Step 1) 1 x Peeling Glove soaked in AHA solution
 Step 2) 1 x cellulose fleece mask soaked in active ingredient solution

Step 3) 1 x 1,2 ml AquaSilk Serum



Peeling glove with AHA 9%: allantoin, panthenol, lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, fruit extract complex of pomegranate, strawberry, broccoli, apple, blueberry and prickly pear Hyaluronic Quick lift mask: fleece mask – highly purified cellulose fleece solution – hyaluronic acid, aloe, Green Tea, cleansing plant extract out of daisies, mugwort, elder and Edelweiss

AquaSilk Serum – hyaluronic acid, Baobab-Hibiscus complex, silk proteins, organic Ginseng extract, golden seaweed, retard spheres loaded with D-panthenol, Q10 and hyalauronic acid, Shii-take-Immune-modulator, vitamin-ACE liposomes

Suitable for all skin types


- quick lift effect - pore-refining - supports cell regeneration - deep cleansing - strongly moisture-binding- astringent, revitalizing

- prevents hyperpigmentation - active against expression wrinkles and structure loss - prevents photo-aging

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