Malu Wilz Soft Eye Styler

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- High quality German made eyeliner

- Mineral make-up

- Silky soft long lasting eye contour stick

- Water resistant after application

- Amazing coverage that applies easily

- Rubber grip on pen for precise application

- Creates beautiful and dramatic look to eyes

- No sharpener required

- No preservatives, fragrance-free

- Contains no mineral oils

- Ideal for sensitive eyes



 No. 1 Mystic Black



 No. 2 Shadow Grey


  No. 4 Creamy Chocolate


  No. 5 Brown Starfish


 No. 6 Pine Forest



 No. 7 Ocean Paradise


 No. 8 Lilac Dancer


 No. 9 Smokey Blue Stone


 No. 11 Dark Blue Star




Long-lasting creamy eye contour pencil with minerals. Wipe and water resistant after drying. Intense uniform colour.  Modern design pencil with "rubber grip" provides a secure hold in your hand for a precise work. Can be used for ultra-precise lines.
Apply Soft Eye Styler from inner corner of eye to outer, along the eyelash line. To keep the color even, make sure the eye area is clean. 


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