Sun Self Tanning Mousse

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A sun-kissed complexion without sun at any time. The soft and airy self-tanning mousse with the DR.BELTER® Caramel Teint Complex delivers a particularly natural and healthy tan. You can achieve the right degree of tanning, which suits you, the season and your outfit by repeated application. 

PRODUCT - self-tanning foam - retail size 100 ml foamer 

*leads to a gradual, natural tan development * tanning without harmful UV rays

*the water-proof tan lasts for several days and diminishes *with hamamelis and moisture factors

*biomimetic soothing factors and Hamamelis maintain the skin *Mermaid brush for perfect application.

*Premuim quality - made in Germany.

ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS; NMF soothing complex,Caramel Teint Complex, organic Hamamelis extract, Aquaxyl® - soothing factor

- store product at room temperature and use up within one season!

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