Stimula VivaCell 24

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This advanced moisturizer revives the skin with precious vegetable oils, bioactive plant extracts, vinotherapy actives and resveratrol. The formula stimulates the self-renewal activity of the skin while giving the best possible protection against UV-induced skin aging. Its smoothing texture with light-reflecting pigments leaves the skin with a matte, radiant finish.

Available in 50ml

SKIN TYPE - anti-aging for all skin-types - especially for prematurely aged skin

KEY INGREDIENTS:organic avocado oil, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic pomegranate seed oil extract, vitamin E, phyto stem-cells from grape, grape extract,Resveratrol, VitasourceTM- Baicalin, light reflecting pigments, astaxanthin anti-oxidant complex, Belisome® Aqua, Abyssinian omega oil, organic sesame oil,isoflavonecomplex,
vitamin A palmitate.


- strong protection against free radicals
- protects against environmentally induced aging
- counteracts hormonally induced skin aging
- free of preservatives, colorants and PEG
- supports self-renewal potential of the skin; stimulates skin’s self-healing powers




With the stimula®« products, mature and dehydated skin will receive multidynamic signs of aging care. Precious plant lipids are composed to deliver extraordinary firming of the skin.

The advanced ingredients such as isoflavones, Belisome® Aqua, Camelia Japonica, Retinol, Neurobiox® and hyaluronic acid spheresare used to comprehensively revitalize aging skin. The silky, rich textures, alongside the new White Lotus essences, deliver an exquisite, sensual experience.

Our medically inspired line has been re-packaged in rose-gold colors. All products have been adapted to the GreenTec concept. Therefore, all formulations with phyto-extracts are sourced from controlled natural vegan cultivation.

You can find new, award-winning active ingredients such as Belisome® Aqua and Belisome® EGF in all products of »stimula®«. The high-quality packaging, partly in airless dispensers reflects the specific content in an appealing look.

»stimula®« is now divided into three groups, each with a 24 hour care and a corresponding concentrate:

                              [VIVACELL]  [BIORESOURCE]  [BIODYNAMIC]

Group BIODYNAMIC is completely new and includes a rich eye-care product. Superior Night Care can be combined with all products of the line. In addition to that we provide you again with great treatment protocols based on all groups.



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